Why Knavigators?

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  ~ Benjamin Franklin We work with students in a way that helps them discover their unique voice and become invested and involved in the process of finding and applying to the schools that will fit their social needs and fulfill their academic promise. Because we fully engage them in the process and expect them to be an active participant in this important part of their life, they learn a great deal about themselves. On the practical side, we work with students to build a broad, balanced list of colleges where they will thrive and then realistically assess chances of acceptance at each school on the list. Help students get into the schools that are the best match for their immediate needs and future goals. Guide students toward their best essays - rich with compelling stories [...]

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Q & A with College Consultant Namita Gupta

This is a recent Q & A with Knavigator's founder, Namita Gupta that we thought you might find interesting and helpful. QUESTION: Why do PARENTS reach out to Knavigators? ANSWER: The short answer is that we help them find the best-fit colleges for students and then guide the student through the application process. As an intermediary, we alleviate the significant stress and anxiety that the college admission process puts on the parent/child relationship. We provide a full analysis of schools and their programs and deliver the real story about schools - far more than what you will find on the school's website! Parents also like that we step in for the student as cheerleader, sounding board and that strong voice of accountability when deadlines need organized and met. The college selection and admission process is vastly different now from what it was when the parents themselves were students. The process has become complicated and highly competitive. Most students and families can [...]

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