On this page are testimonials from both students and parents. Some have been posted on review sites like Google, while others have been emailed directly to us. If you have questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Call 408-340-0021 or email us via our Contact Page.

Namita has absolutely helped in making the college list that matched with my personality & learning style, as well as with essay writing. I generally dislike writing essays and struggle with brainstorming ideas, but she helped in the presentation and flow & structure of the essay to make it truly prepared to send to colleges as well as keeping a set timeline and consistently keeping track of finishing essays on time.

– Rhea

Namita was a great help in finding colleges with strong music departments/schools that had what I was looking for. She helped me throughout the entire process from beginning to the final decision. Thanks to Namita, I was accepted to nine schools, including one of my dream schools which I’m excited to attend in the fall.
– Vincent

Namita was a great help managing all the college admission activities for our child. She researched the best options, gave timely guidance for applications and helped strategize the admission applications. What impressed us were her strategies worked out really well for our child, helping land the right college.
– Manoj

Thinking about the college application process always gave my anxiety ever since I entered high school as I heard constant complaints from upperclassmen. Furthermore, by mid-junior year I still had no clue where I wanted to go for college and how to take the first step in the process. Knavigators College Admission Counseling, however, gave me a sense of clarity that I would never have obtained from anywhere else. The process became simple and almost exciting as Mrs. Namita Gupta helped me along the way from selecting colleges to editing essays and much more. At the end of the day, her mentorship helped me discover and reach my potential.
– Kashish

Namita was great and helped my organize my college timeline in addition to streamlining the essay process. While the college process can be a hassle, Namita made me feel like I always knew what the next step would be!
– Rachel

Namita provided me with NCAA information, multitude of lists of various soccer colleges and really guided us through the whole recruitment process. As my son changed his mind, and leaned more towards academics, she changed course and helped us with finalizing new college lists, and then with the overall admission process. She supported us with common app details, California system schools and East coast schools. She gave us details and information about colleges we hadn’t even thought of. Best yet, she helped my son choose a place where he could get good education and play soccer if he wanted to, so Best of both worlds. Thanks Namita!!
– Alka

We are fortunate to have had Namita to guide our son through the college application process. Namita puts her focus on student and spends time to understand student’s needs. She is very knowledgeable and finds the matching schools for the student based on her study. Namita is very patient with student, but follows through all the deadlines. We truly appreciate her time with us, and her effort that helped make the college application process less stressful.
– John

Ms. Namita Gupta was a big help to me. She gave me a plethora of colleges to choose from, all of which were in accordance to my preferences. She also knew when to push me to finish my college essays, and offered guidance, motivation, and ideas when I was completely lost. Thank you.
– Daniel

Namita was recommended to us indirectly from my daughter’s school’s C&C Guidance counsellor. Right from the first interaction, we felt a connection with her. She was very clear about her role and at the same time very patient and considerate of our expectations. She took a genuine interest in understanding my daughter’s strengths and challenges, was very practical in navigating her choices. My daughter is accepted in a very good private college with a handsome grant. We are thankful to Namita for her valuable guidance and pleased to know her as a friend too.
– Veda 

Namita was an absolute blessing! We were referred to her through a neighbor. She worked privately with our son and was diligently following up with him whenever needed. Senior year had been very stressful with all the various requirements of the applicants. We were happy (as parents) to step away and not have to micromanage the process with him. Our son will be going to Chapman University (which was his first pick) in the fall 2018 and Namita was definitely instrumental in him achieving that goal.
– Shari 

Namita is a very caring and thoughtful counselor who keeps your child’s interests uppermost in her mind as she offers suggestions and guidance through the college application process.
– Savita 

I will be the first generation in my family to attend university in the U.S. so I was very confused about the application process and afraid that I would not be able to make the right decision for my future. Thanks to Namita, who helped my with everything that I needed and went through this complicated process with me. Her help and advice along the way really made my life much easier. Since I was very unsure about what colleges and major I want, she helped select schools that would fit for me… Also, she always encouraged me to think what I really want and respect my choices. She is a very responsible person because she would make sure I have done everything on time. My experience with Namita is very satisfying, without her I will not be able to go through the entire process by myself and present the best of me to colleges.
– Tiffany 

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Additional Client Reviews

Namita Gupta played an integral role in helping me successfully get through the daunting college admissions process. From helping narrow down my list of colleges to guiding me through the essay writing, making sure that my true character shone through, she ensured that I presented the best possible version of myself to each and every college. Moreover, she did so in a way that was always kind and thoughtful, and never overbearing - in fact, my voice became clearer and more refined in my writing after implementing her suggestions. Thanks to Namita’s help, I was admitted to several elite schools and look forward to attending an Ivy League institution in the fall.

- Tara - Student Class of 2020

Namita is a great counselor! She really helped me stay on track with the crazy college deadlines. In addition, she edited all of my essays very well and meticulously so that they were perfect by the time of submission. The best part was her strategy in advising me to apply to specific colleges based on my personal situation/requirements. She understands students very well and is good at communicating with them on a daily basis. I'd highly recommend her :))

- Aayooshi - Student Class of 2020

Namita definitely helped de-stress what can otherwise be quite an overwhelming process. Her proactive approach helped plan things out with detailed action plan and timelines. Then, as each application came due, she helped brainstorm on the essays to ensure I was putting my best foot forward, without duplicating info across different sections. She was so approachable and responsive, it helped me stay on top of my apps! I'm grateful to Namita, not just for the awesome outcome, but equally for the peaceful process to get there.

- Alisha - Student Class of 2020

Namita's help with my daughter's applications was very valuable at every stage. She shared information about schools we didn't find anywhere else, and strategies for creating a balanced list of schools. She listened well to my daughter's hopes and concerns, and helped her organize her thoughts for her essays. Her guidance during the drafting process was always on point and added value. What we appreciated most was her ability to make sure that everything stayed on schedule while not adding stress. Her assistance played an important part in our daughter getting admitted to her first choice of schools, the University of Chicago.

- Ruth Ann Mcnees - Parent Class of 2020

I'm very grateful to Namita for helping me with the college application process. She's definitely someone that you'd want to have around to help you navigate the college admissions process. Without her, I could not have made a well-planned college list fit for me. She is organized and put in a lot of time and effort to consistently keep me on track in finishing my applications and essays. Additionally, she looked over each and every one of my application essays and gave thoughtful feedback, which was very helpful for me. She also genuinely cares about her students and will try her best to reduce any stress with college admissions. Namita is very dedicated to her work and she will help you achieve your college admissions goals.

- Arya - Student Class of 2019

First of all, thank you for being an amazing mentor. Your support was really important to me through the college process. I will be heading off to university this fall to major in Management and Business Economics. I was glad to have someone I could always count on. Having a college list ready, informing me about colleges I had not heard of,  and your support on essays and scholarships were things that were especially helpful. I appreciate everything.

- Jackie - Student of Class of 2019

For the past 12 months I have had the pleasure of working with Namita Gupta. Namita has provided College Consulting services for my son Vincent, a high school senior.  Vincent’s college search has been a bit more complicated as he wanted to study music industry.  My husband and I are not musicians, so we thought it would be best to seek additional help.

Namita was amazing! She kept Vincent on task, making sure he completed his applications, essays, resume, and online auditions on time. She also helped him to formulate his college list.  She asked him many questions and really listened to him, this helped him to understand what type of school would fit him best.

Vincent wrote two essays for the common application.  One essay was very heartfelt and talked about how amazed he was with the musicians at a Jazz Camp he attended. He spoke about how they played music that he didn’t even know was possible, and how excited he was to learn those skills in the future. The second essay was much more formal and spoke about work he had done at school and in the community.  Namita read both and suggested he use the first essay. I believe this was a key factor in Vincent getting accepted with scholarship to so many of the schools he applied to. Vincent was accepted into his dream school, one of the top music schools in the country.

Namita also provides great tools to help you make informed choices such as the Knavigator website, which allows your student to research colleges from credible and informative sources. She will make many suggestions to help boost your student’s college resume. She knows what colleges want based on years of research and experience.

I am so glad we choose to work with Namita.  She took the time to get to know our son.  She also created a collaborative environment where we were all working toward one goal. We had such a great experience working with Namita that we have asked her to work with our daughter, as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Namita. She is an experienced College Consultant who understands each student as an individual. She will help your son or daughter to succeed in their college aspirations.

- Mary - Parent of Student Class of 2018

As a first-generation American parents, we were unsure about how the complex process of college admission works. After a good referral from a family friend, we decided to take Ms Namita Gupta’s counseling service help during the early Senior year of our daughter’s school. We are happy that our daughter got into a college of her choice and also received acceptances in many more colleges with honors college admissions/scholarships offers. We are satisfied with the way the entire process of college counseling worked out for us.

Ms. Namita took time to understand the student’s background, capacity, and her primary interests. Ms. Namita provided feedback on student’s college selections to ensure that the research, pros and cons analysis, a balance of reach vs safety colleges is right. Ms. Namita’s experience during the process of college selection, shortlisting taking student’s interest into account was very important.

Ms. Namita provided her feedback, debated on student’s college essay content based on her experience and insights into what typically colleges look for in a student. She was punctual, cordial and patient during all interactions with the student. We will consider her services again when our other child gets ready for college.

- Shridhar - Parent of Student Class of 2018

Working with Ms. Gupta really helped me to plan out my college application process in an easy and efficient way. Meeting with her every week helped me to stay on track and make sure that I had everything finished before the deadline. She helped me map out exactly what I wanted in a college and helped me pinpoint which colleges would be the best for me. Ms. Gupta was very prompt when it came to answering questions and helping me edit my college essays. Through google docs, she would comment and edit to make sure that I emphasized the important aspects of my personal statement. At the end of the college acceptance process, I had numerous college's to choose from both in-state and out of state, including the UCs, and private colleges. I really enjoyed working with her and I am thankful for the all the effort she put in to help make my college application process easier.

- Elizabeth - Student Class of 2017

I am a 2017 high school graduate who is excited to be starting her freshman year at Santa Clara University. My family had hired Ms. Gupta during my senior year as a college application counselor. 

I feel Ms. Gupta did an exemplary job in helping me finalize my college list and helping me apply to colleges. My parents’ main concern at the time was making sure that I apply to colleges that suit me the best. Ms. Gupta helped me out a lot in this aspect by getting to know who I was and giving me advice on what kind of colleges would suit me. 

I believe Ms. Gupta is much better than all other college application counselors because of the effort she makes to bond with the student.  I felt very comfortable with Ms. Gupta. She was much more understanding about my preferences than my own parents. She genuinely cares for our success and is honest in her inputs. If she believes someone is not qualified for a certain university, she does not hesitate to mention it. I admire this quality about her.

Even after the sessions were over, Ms. Gupta repeated contacted me to see how I was doing. She also wanted to know whether I had gotten in where I wanted. This made me feel that she is genuinely concerned about the success of the student and she puts her heart into making sure that we succeed. 

In conclusion, I feel Ms. Gupta is someone who helped me a lot in the college application process. 

- Manasvini - Student Class of 2017

I will be the first generation in my family to attend university in the U.S. so I was very confused about the application process and afraid that I would not be able to make the right decision for my future. Thanks to Namita, who helped my with everything that I needed and went through this complicated process with me. Her help and advice along the way really made my life much easier. I was very unsure about what colleges and which major I wanted. After many deep talks with her, she helped select schools that would fit for me thoroughly. Also, she always encouraged me to think (about) what I really want and respected my choices. She is a very responsible person (and) would make sure I have done everything on time. My experience with Namita - very satisfying, Without her I would not be able to go through the entire process by myself and present the best of me to colleges.

- Tiffany - Student Class of 2016

It has been a pleasure working with despite us having different views on which colleges to apply to. Your support has made a tremendous change in the college application process, it made so much of it easier and possible. I want to thank you for still working with me and having faith in me despite the fact that I fell ill and missed alot of school. I enjoyed how flexible you were and how it was easy to contact you. Thank you for  all you have done.

- Rameshwar - Student Class of 2016

I just wanted to thank you for everything and for pushing me to be productive!! I've gotten into 5 colleges now! Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you.

- Lourdes - Student Class of 2015 - Palo Alto

It was a pleasure working with Namita during admission process for my daughter. She helped us create a custom plan for my daughter's likelihood of being accepted. Her tracking the plan and follow-ups helped us navigate the process and minimize last minute stress.

- Satish - Parent of Student Class of 2015 - India

Once Junior year wrapped up, I thought I could finally sit back and relax and not worry too much about school for the summer, but I was proven wrong. All of my friends were talking about how they were already getting started on college apps and I started to freak out. However, Namita was truly my knight in shining armor. We got started on my apps early on in the summer before the Senior year and looking back now I am very grateful we did. Senior year goes by in a blink of an eye and so does those dreaded college deadlines.

Namita understands how “busy” we teenagers are and yet she managed to keep me on top of everything. In total I applied to 14 colleges, all early admissions and by time “crunch time” came by for the regular applications, all my friends were stressing out and I was already hearing back from some of my schools. As well as making sure I had everything done on time, Namita was very fastidious when it came to my personal statements. I knew every time that I was going to submit a draft to her, there would be an ample amount of room for improvement. I ended up getting accepted into colleges I never thought I could because of her attention to detail and her perfectionism.

- Emma - Student Class of 2016 - San Jose

Namita made me apply to colleges that I had a good shot at getting into. I'm glad I got to work with Namita because I would never have applied to the University of Pacific without her. She told me I should apply there and after getting accepted to UOP urged me to visit the campus. I ended up falling in love with the campus. She would always respond to my emails, and we would meet weekly. Overall, she is a great college counselor!

- Hamzah - Student Class of 2016 - Cupertino

I was quite unsure of where and how to start the entire college application process. But after we started having regular sessions, I was able to create a certain vision for myself regarding my ideal college. Your constant help and guidance led me to produce outstanding essays I am very proud of and during this process, I also discovered myself a bit more. I am extremely content with my college decision. Your feedback for the Essays I wrote was very worthy and helpful. Thank you for the constant support!

- Akila - Student Class of 2016 - India

Thanks for keeping me on top of my applications and explaining to me how the colleges will evaluate my activities. I was able to prioritize which was a huge help in creating strong applications.

- Carolina - Student Class of 2015 - Mountain View

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