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Namita has absolutely helped in making the college list that matched with my personality & learning style, as well as with essay writing. I generally dislike writing essays and struggle with brainstorming ideas, but she helped in the presentation and flow & structure of the essay to make it truly prepared to send to colleges as well as keeping a set timeline and consistently keeping track of finishing essays on time.

– Rhea

Namita was a great help in finding colleges with strong music departments/schools that had what I was looking for. She helped me throughout the entire process from beginning to the final decision. Thanks to Namita, I was accepted to nine schools, including one of my dream schools which I’m excited to attend in the fall.
– Vincent

Namita was a great help managing all the college admission activities for our child. She researched the best options, gave timely guidance for applications and helped strategize the admission applications. What impressed us were her strategies worked out really well for our child, helping land the right college.
– Manoj

Thinking about the college application process always gave my anxiety ever since I entered high school as I heard constant complaints from upperclassmen. Furthermore, by mid-junior year I still had no clue where I wanted to go for college and how to take the first step in the process. Knavigators College Admission Counseling, however, gave me a sense of clarity that I would never have obtained from anywhere else. The process became simple and almost exciting as Mrs. Namita Gupta helped me along the way from selecting colleges to editing essays and much more. At the end of the day, her mentorship helped me discover and reach my potential.
– Kashish

Namita was great and helped my organize my college timeline in addition to streamlining the essay process. While the college process can be a hassle, Namita made me feel like I always knew what the next step would be!
– Rachel

Namita provided me with NCAA information, multitude of lists of various soccer colleges and really guided us through the whole recruitment process. As my son changed his mind, and leaned more towards academics, she changed course and helped us with finalizing new college lists, and then with the overall admission process. She supported us with common app details, California system schools and East coast schools. She gave us details and information about colleges we hadn’t even thought of. Best yet, she helped my son choose a place where he could get good education and play soccer if he wanted to, so Best of both worlds. Thanks Namita!!
– Alka

We are fortunate to have had Namita to guide our son through the college application process. Namita puts her focus on student and spends time to understand student’s needs. She is very knowledgeable and finds the matching schools for the student based on her study. Namita is very patient with student, but follows through all the deadlines. We truly appreciate her time with us, and her effort that helped make the college application process less stressful.
– John

Ms. Namita Gupta was a big help to me. She gave me a plethora of colleges to choose from, all of which were in accordance to my preferences. She also knew when to push me to finish my college essays, and offered guidance, motivation, and ideas when I was completely lost. Thank you.
– Daniel

Namita was recommended to us indirectly from my daughter’s school’s C&C Guidance counsellor. Right from the first interaction, we felt a connection with her. She was very clear about her role and at the same time very patient and considerate of our expectations. She took a genuine interest in understanding my daughter’s strengths and challenges, was very practical in navigating her choices. My daughter is accepted in a very good private college with a handsome grant. We are thankful to Namita for her valuable guidance and pleased to know her as a friend too.
– Veda 

Namita was an absolute blessing! We were referred to her through a neighbor. She worked privately with our son and was diligently following up with him whenever needed. Senior year had been very stressful with all the various requirements of the applicants. We were happy (as parents) to step away and not have to micromanage the process with him. Our son will be going to Chapman University (which was his first pick) in the fall 2018 and Namita was definitely instrumental in him achieving that goal.
– Shari 

Namita is a very caring and thoughtful counselor who keeps your child’s interests uppermost in her mind as she offers suggestions and guidance through the college application process.
– Savita 

I will be the first generation in my family to attend university in the U.S. so I was very confused about the application process and afraid that I would not be able to make the right decision for my future. Thanks to Namita, who helped my with everything that I needed and went through this complicated process with me. Her help and advice along the way really made my life much easier. Since I was very unsure about what colleges and major I want, she helped select schools that would fit for me… Also, she always encouraged me to think what I really want and respect my choices. She is a very responsible person because she would make sure I have done everything on time. My experience with Namita is very satisfying, without her I will not be able to go through the entire process by myself and present the best of me to colleges.
– Tiffany 

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