Time is the ONE thing that you can never buy back.
Once today becomes tomorrow it is gone forever.

We understand how important it is that you find an Admissions Counselor who works well with your child. This is why Knavigators offers a short, no-charge consultation. From there we suggest a 90-minute Student Session. By starting in this way, your student has the opportunity to meet and then work directly with Namita Gupta on one of the important elements required for admission to top-choice schools. Our goal is to simply start the ball rolling.

Every day presents a distinct opportunity. We want your child to have every advantage that time allows!


Where Would You Like to Begin?

STEP 1 – Start with a short, in-person consultation. There is no cost. It gives you a chance to meet Namita Gupta and provides a relaxed, comfortable introduction. Contact Us to schedule a time that works for you and your child.

STEP 2 – Because so many new clients find us via referral and are ready to get to work right away, our initial Student Session provides your child an immediate “trial run” with Namita Gupta. Please give some consideration as to which initial, 90-Minute Student Session would be best for your child.

HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM EVALUATION & PLANNING – The right choice of classes throughout high school will make or break a college application. Effective high school curriculum planning is done with a student’s top-pick schools in mind. Together, we craft a specifically tailored and highly targeted approach to your studies.

Most kids only meet college application requirements…
Our students EXCEED them and get noticed!   Learn More


INTENSIVE ACADEMIC RECORD EVALUATION –  Our evaluation unlocks more possibility than many imagine. When a student steps outside what they think they know, focuses on an area of interest that really suits them, and implements an informed plan that plays to their strengths, they stand out to their top-pick schools. When opportunity knocks, make certain a prepared student answers the door.

Most kids think they know what matters…
We CHALLENGE those assumptions and our students reap great rewards!   Learn More


TEST PLANNING – SCHEDULING – ADVISEMENT – Test scores are only one part of the college application. The weight that these scores are given must be balanced in proper proportion against the time needed to cultivate a comprehensive student profile. Together, we determine the most effective and advantageous plan for college-bound testing.

Most kids only focus on studying hard & testing often…
Our students test well and impress top-pick schools FAR BEYOND TEST SCORES.   Learn More


EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY RECOMMENDATION –  When a student knows what their top-pick colleges needs to complete well-rounded cohort, they can strategically tailor their extra-curricular activities and become a perfect candidate.

Most kids focus on the sheer number of activities they do…
Our students choose quality over quantity and know the specific activities will MATTER MOST to their top schools!   Learn More


At the end of the day YOUR CHILD’S SUCCESS is ALL that matters to Knavigators. We know how critical is that your child BEGIN now, that they learn what is at stake, understand what is needed to stand above the competition, and that they see all this can be accomplished with more ease than ever expected.

Start TODAY. Give your child the Best Opportunity for acceptance at their top-pick schools.

Choose one of our initial 90-minute Student Sessions above or read more about HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM EVALUATION & PLANNING – The right choice of high school classes will make or break a college application. Knavigators understands the unspoken application requirements.  Learn More


Frequently Asked Question
“I am at the end of my Junior year – is it too late for me to work with Knavigators and realize a solid benefit?”  Click for the ANSWER