The right choice of classes throughout high school will make or break a college application. Come Spring of Junior year, there is enough time to make last minute choices that will make a difference, however, students who adhere to an intentional curriculum strategy starting in 9th and 10th grades see the very best outcomes.

Knavigators excels at highly-effective curriculum planning and understands the unspoken application requirements. We know which curriculum choices will impress your top-pick schools and demonstrate that your student is “going above and beyond.” In addition, we tell you where to get classes and programs not offered by your school.

NOTEThis 90-minute Student Session starts with a review of your child’s transcript and identifies areas we see that would make the biggest difference regarding their college application. This “broad-strokes” evaluation is perfect for the student who is just beginning to appreciate the value of curriculum planning. We want to empower your child and help them understand how specific academic choices can ultimately make them better prepared to stand out on their college application.

For those already thinking strategically about curriculum planning, you may want to talk with Knavigators about our Intensive Academic Record Evaluation.

While each college has a set of basic requirements, we know what your child must do to become the applicant who stands out in the crowd. Optimal curriculum choices made during high school are critical to your child’s success. To be viewed as a top-tier applicant at the school of your choice, remember… Every Class Counts!


THE KNAVIGATORS DIFFERENCE – Effective high school curriculum planning is done with a student’s top-pick schools in mind. Together, we craft a specifically tailored and highly targeted approach to your studies. Most kids only meet college application requirements – Our students EXCEED requirements and get noticed!


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This affordable 90-minute Student Session has no future obligation. If  your child works well with us, then we can set up a plan to achieve their goals!

If, after this initial session you or your child thinks you would be better served elsewhere, the information that Knavigators provides will prove extremely valuable. This vital Student Session launches you in the right direction and starts the ball rolling! By taking this first step now, you make the best use of time and ensure the best college application outcome for your child.

Experience this 90-minute Student Session you will know immediately if Knavigators is a good fit for your child.  Every passing day erodes the ONE thing money cannot buy – TIME.

We encourage you to start today. TIME is your child’s distinct advantage!

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