May 21, 2018

As a first-generation American parents, we were unsure about how the complex process of college admission works. After a good referral from a family friend, we decided to take Ms Namita Gupta’s counseling service help during the early Senior year of our daughter’s school. We are happy that our daughter got into a college of her choice and also received acceptances in many more colleges with honors college admissions/scholarships offers. We are satisfied with the way the entire process of college counseling worked out for us.

Ms. Namita took time to understand the student’s background, capacity, and her primary interests. Ms. Namita provided feedback on student’s college selections to ensure that the research, pros and cons analysis, a balance of reach vs safety colleges is right. Ms. Namita’s experience during the process of college selection, shortlisting taking student’s interest into account was very important.

Ms. Namita provided her feedback, debated on student’s college essay content based on her experience and insights into what typically colleges look for in a student. She was punctual, cordial and patient during all interactions with the student. We will consider her services again when our other child gets ready for college.