It is important that our students attend a college or university where they really fit in and have a sense of belonging.

It is only possible for a student to flourish and complete their degree at a single school, when they find the right match, are stimulated by their educational program and find their place within the social life at their school.

In order for our students to make the most of their college experience, thrive during their time in school and succeed well beyond their secondary education, we see to it that students choose their “best-fit” school now!


Our Students Take Charge of Their Future

It comes down to happy kids and happy parents. We respect family dynamics at all times and build skills that lead to better relationship between kids and their parents. Knavigators shows students what is possible when they take control and develop an active interest in their future. We open their eyes to the possibilities available when they consider different ideas and widen their horizons.

We help students identify the best school for them and organize the application process. We teach students how to stay on task and ahead of deadline – focused on what matters most rather than overwhelmed with the process. We work with them to develop the best ideas for their essays and teach them how to write a compelling, personal story.

As our students get involved with the process, they become excited and tell people about their experience. As a result Senior year becomes much more than just taking classes and getting through the last year of High School – it becomes a spring-board to their future. One which THEY have a hand in creating!


Knavigators Builds Life-long Habits

Knavigators instills life-long habits. Our students feel the support of a personal assistant, a guide to help keep them on track and learn what begins to happen when they meet all their deadlines. We teach students how to avoid the negative impact of being late and develop the skills and planning required to do things ahead of time.

  • We work with kids to maintain the schedule we come up with together.
  • We make sure everything is organized and delivered before the deadline.
  • We build in the time needed to review and revise.
  • We teach, practice and reinforce the skills students need to fully ingrain these behaviors as lifelong habits.

We keep working and don’t give up! We keep in touch and work with your student as much as it takes. With this sense that someone has their back while holding them to task, they become proactive and learn the joy of delivering ahead of schedule. In turn, this reduces stress and anxiety for the student and eases the relationship between parent and child.


The Difference that Makes All the Difference

We listen – really listen – and work from both the parent and student side of things. Knavigators approaches things from a different vantage point and is able to focus on the outcome in a ways parents and students often cannot. With so much research ahead and such an important decision at hand, it helps to have Knavigators in your corner.

We work in multiple time zones and have deep resources to help your student succeed and get things done in effective and efficient ways. Because we develop powerful relationships with admissions departments, we are aware of more comprehensive and current information than what is often available on the website and or to the general public.


Learn More or Schedule a Consultation

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It’s time to take the steps that build success!