college_admissions_counseling_consultant_cupertinoTo empower and encourage students to their maximum potential through a personalized mix of guidance, fortitude, and time management. To discover, evaluate, and apply to the colleges that are right for you.

At Knavigators we MEASURE SUCCESS in acceptances and delivering more than expected. When we see our students reach for schools to which they never thought to apply, hear about an acceptance letter to a school they didn’t think they could get into or see them graduate from their choice of schools – often their top pick – we know we have lived up to our mission.

At Knavigators we RESPECT family dynamics at all times. We understand that family is family and deftly navigate those waters in a highly effective, yet passive way. We become a bridge to bring the PARENTS perspective to their kids. When tension, stressed parent/child relationships and differences of opinion arise and communication breaks down, having a third party as a buffer and way to span the gap is important. With Namita as your intermediary your child hears your point in a different way and takes it more seriously.

The bridge we offer is a two-way street and there are times when we also bring the student’s perspective to the parents – suggesting ways to have a broader discussion so the wants and needs of a student are heard—and if possible, factored into the equation.

At Knavigators we celebrate your SUCCESS. We love to see a student achieve their goals. When students is accepted and the text messages pour in with plenty of exclamation points, we feel their excitement and know we have met our mission. For us, it is about seeing each student, each parent, each family through a BIG decision of their life.

Acceptance to a highly-respected school of choice is a major life event.

  • Have confidence that the school your child attends is the best fit for them.
  • Rest easy knowing that your child is at a school that school affords the absolute BEST opportunity to fulfill their college dream.
  • Trust that your child’s experience will yield connections and relationships only possible when higher education is completed at one school.
  • Expect that they will graduate on time.
  • Know that your child will have internship and career opportunities ahead of them because you made the best choices today!

With each of these comes an important milestone and each is worthy of celebration. Your child’s SUCCESS at every step is a measure of ours.