This should be a wonderful adventure for all students and their parents. When done with the right mix of guidance, fortitude, and time management it is!

We help high school students and families navigate the complex college application process. We work with students to find the “Best Fit” college for them, guide them through the applications process and celebrate when they are admitted to an esteemed college of their choice.We make the process exciting, enjoyable, and stress-free for student and parent alike. Yes, this IS possible. In order to really empower students and maximize their potential in this, we engage their imagination and identify elements of a possible future that truly excite them today.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

A great college education can be found at many schools. At Knavigators we dig deep as we  research schools that measure up to a student’s academic desires and line up with their personality and areas of extra-curricular interest. We look at retention and graduation rates, employment rates after graduation, level and quality of academic advising available to students, internship opportunities, career and the student services available to students while at school. We consider all these in proper balance and weigh them alongside the cost of attendance.


Benefits of Hiring a Coach

The abundance of colleges and universities in the United States and the cornucopia of schools, programs and degrees from which to choose, all start with an application. Each college has different application systems, requirements, and deadliness. Furthermore, colleges are increasingly getting selective. The average admission rate for highly selective colleges and programs is less than 30% of applicants.

In the same way an athlete requires adequate preparation to complete a marathon and exceptional preparation to WIN that marathon, a student must prepare for college applications.

The athlete works with a coach to achieve their goal in the most optimal way. The college application process is not a sprint. In order to be successful, it is a journey that must be approached with the dedicated, strategic preparation of a marathon.

Discover Your Strengths & Best-Fit Schools
  • We coach students of all academic ability with varied talents and interests.
  • We engage a student’s imagination and know how to get each excited about the application process.
  • We work with students one-on-one to consider a variety of college types – ones that match who they are as a person and the personal and professional vision they have for their life.
  • We help find and narrow-down schools with focused research on the “best-fit” in academics, location, and the overall social experience.
Find Money for Shool
  • We identify financial opportunities available based on high school sports and activity choices and when clients start the process early, can plan strategically to leverage both.
  • We help find resources to offset the significant expense of a college degree.
  • We identify merit scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
Strong Applications & Compelling Essays –  Get Accepted!
  • We build a workable list of appropriate schools across different levels of selectivity to which students will apply.
  • We teach, practice and apply tools and strategies that create a strong college application.
  • We build a foundation of problem-solving, critical analysis, time-management and planning skills that serve students now and into their future.
  • We look at how high school counselors and teachers see the student – beyond grades and scores – to the things unique about the student’s background, interests and activities.
  • We consider the story the student wants to tell.
  • We help students identify their inherent strengths, values and learn what truly inspires and excites them today
  • We brainstorm essay topics and explore specific ways your student can stand out as a bright light – a intense beacon in a massive sea of applicants.
  • We help students find their voice and articulate their personal story in order write strong applications and impactful, compelling essays.
  • We celebrate success as these impressive applications convert to acceptance at highly-respected colleges and universities across the United States.

Our mission at Knavigators is to help students get admitted to their top choice school while alleviating the stress with the application process.  As much or as little as you need to run this marathon – Knavigators is your coach!


Schedule a Session with Knavigators

A parent and student can choose to work with us for selective parts of their college an application process or for the entire process.

While we offer a “complete package discount,” there is immeasurable value to be had by targeting a specific area for attention. Things like high school planning, “best fit” college list and help with application essays are among the most requested. For more information about our services or schedule a session, please contact us at your convenience.

It’s time to successfully navigate the road to college!