college_application_essay_consultant_cupertinoAt Knavigators, we provide a host of services that together, or as individual pieces, provide you with the best  outcome on the path to higher education.  Stress and anxiety can arise during the application process – Our clients appreciate how easily we replace that with accountability, organization and  communication.

Three areas in which we provide significant value to our clients:

College Consulting
College Applications 
Application Management


Below, we highlight detailed aspects of the services we provide. As needed or every step of the way – you can choose what you need to fill any gaps in your research and preparation or rely on Knavigators’ comprehensive program where we stay with you throughout the entire process. Either way, we are here to serve your needs and make sure your child is accepted into a reputable school – one ideally suited to their academic needs, career aspirations and future plans.


During High School

Early Planning – Design a bright future for your child. As early as 8th grade, we start work with students and their parents to direct the path toward higher education. While it may take turns along the way, early planning can lead to better preparedness, improved chances of acceptance at certain schools and better financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Academic Evaluation – Calculate GPA and evaluate student’s academic performance. Review academic record, transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities and accomplishments in order to advise on best approach and strategic moves while still in high school. Set optimal trajectory into successful college planning and admission.

Curriculum Planning – Help students make smart choices about their high school courses so that they stay on track for college admissions taking rigorous college prep courses to participating in particular activities or being tutored to improve grades. History  of excellence in various activities can make a college admissions officer take notice, thus improving a student’s chances of being admitted.

Activity Planning –  Investigate activities including sports, clubs, and community service, work keeping in mind student’s interests.

Test Planning & Timing – Recommend most appropriate test and when to schedule testing.  Planning in advance can save time and money – and alleviate stress.


Select “Best Fit” Schools

College Selection – Identify the “Best Fit” university. Assist students find colleges and universities, which best match their interests, personality, and admissions profile.  The student will have a well-balanced list of 8-12 schools.

College Tours – Coordinate and assist with campus visits give advice on how to make the most of their college visits.


College Application Process

Admissions Insight – Behind-the-scenes knowledge of what it takes to be admitted to the most competitive colleges. Give students the best chance for success.

Majors & Careers – Guidance choosing a major and career that are a good fit for the student. Provide research data and statistical information on which colleges offer strong programs in areas of interest – programs that actually deliver on their perceived reputation. Find the best foundation for a successful career.

Admissions Profile Assessment – Determine academic and work interests, personality traits, and learning styles. Help students identify their strengths as an applicant. Focus on, develop and expand these strengths throughout the application process.

Financial Aid & Scholarships – Provide insight into aid and scholarships available to students. Guidance in best ways to apply for and obtain money to assist with the cost of higher education. This can also include work opportunities available to students before and during college. Get the resources required to make the dream of higher education your child’s reality.

Great Recommendations – Learn how to get effective recommendations from mentors, teachers and other “application influencers.” Share the best of what others see in your child.

Application Strategy – Develop application strategies and prioritization. Apply early action, early decision, regular or rolling. For each school the process is different. We look at the big picture and create a plan that works. Take control of the college application process.

Manage Deadlines – Work with student to make certain that all deadlines are identified, in the schedule, reference required paperwork, and include a plan for completion that accommodates the student’s real-world schedule. Make certain that deadlines are met on or ahead of the required date.

Application Essays – Work with the student to brainstorm, outline, and edit required and supplemental application essays. Meet with the student as often as necessary to brainstorm additional ideas. We discuss drafts – look over the essays and offer advice on the information that needs added and how to make it more effective and compelling. Write the most personal, compelling, well-written and highly-noticed essay possible.


Start with Knavigators

You can elect to work with Knavigators on selective aspects of the high school evaluation, college hunt or college application process or you can engage our services throughout the entire process.

While we offer a discount on our comprehensive service package, there is immeasurable value in targeting a specific areas. For information about our services or to schedule a session with Knavigator’s founder, Namita Gupta, please call 408-340-0021 or email via our Contact Page at your convenience.

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