Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn. 

~ Benjamin Franklin

We work with students in a way that helps them discover their unique voice and become invested and involved in the process of finding and applying to the schools that will fit their social needs and fulfill their academic promise. Because we fully engage them in the process and expect them to be an active participant in this important part of their life, they learn a great deal about themselves.

On the practical side, we work with students to build a broad, balanced list of colleges where they will thrive and then realistically assess chances of acceptance at each school on the list.

  • Help students get into the schools that are the best match for their immediate needs and future goals.
  • Guide students toward their best essays – rich with compelling stories told through their own voice in a relevant and deeply meaningful way.
  • Help families maintain an even balance during this often stressful time and serve as an “intermediary” between parents and kids.

Knavigators is the knowledgeable, supportive guide here to insure a smooth journey toward successful higher education.


The Knavigators Difference

  • We listen – collaborate – pay attention to detail – organize – challenge students to rise to and exceed their potential – track deadlines – and more.
  • We have fierce determination and indefatigable follow-through.
  • We inspire students to more than simply DO their best – BE and BECOME their best!
  • We draw out what is IN there. Rather than merely provide students with an answer or solution, we coach them toward their own insights and watch as they become empowered – inspired to come up with great solutions on their own!

“I was quite unsure of where and how to start the entire college application process. But after we started having regular sessions, I was able to create a certain vision for myself regarding my ideal college. Your constant help and guidance led me to produce outstanding essays I am very proud of and during this process, I also discovered myself a bit more.” – Akila – student at Knavigators

We hold a bigger picture and synthesize the entire experience – start to finish. We have the foresight to be able to know If this – then THIS… in a big picture way. The OUTCOME is better because of the things Namita thinks to address or consider along the way – things that might ordinarily be missed.