There is so much more to your high school transcript than meets the eye. If you are already a sophomore or senior, it is vital that you know where you stand. High school classes are weighted differently when evaluated by colleges. We all know that more rigorous classes are seen in a better light – for many, it stops there. At Knavigators, we understand the specific elements that make all the difference to your chosen school. We lean into these details and tailor a strategic plan for your child’s success that plays to their specific strengths. An intensive evaluation of your child’s academic record is the place to start.

NOTEDuring this 90-minute Student Session we will begin the Intensive Academic Record Evaluation. Based upon what we find and how strategic the planning has been to date, we drill down on additional areas of importance; ones most students fail to consider and will want to include. Students come away from this session with specific information to help them make sound academic choices leading up to the college application process. There are many aspects to this intensive evaluation that often require additional time to explore. Students who continue to work with Knavigators find that our ongoing academic record evaluation delivers distinct benefits and optimal results – several of these are detailed below. 


Your High School Transcript Tells a Bigger Story –  One that is not only about you. Your transcript demonstrates the type of student you will be in college and places your experience in a specific context. Colleges will also evaluate your high school and consider the school’s profile. Your high school reputation, rank, and performance each play a part. Colleges evaluate a high school’s rigor, including the classes, grading policy, average grades, and test scores. These are in addition to metrics like class size, competitive culture, and college-bound rate. Knavigators evaluates your transcript relative to these key factors and more. When you see the advantages of early and strategic academic planning, or when you want to adjust your student’s trajectory in high school, Knavigators shows you how to best influence the outcome of the college application process.


Yes! You Do Know Your Major – One third of kids think they don’t know what they want to study. The exciting truth is – they DO know! Knavigators’ Intensive Academic Record Evaluation acts a springboard for crucial discussions designed to discover which areas of study are optimal for your child. Here too, TIME is the one thing you need. The sooner we identify your student’s strengths and interests, and set our sights on a compatible field, the more strategically they can craft their college choices and subsequent applications. Knavigators knows that even the most scattered of kids can become very focused and attuned to their area of interest – we know how to unlock that greatness. Sign up for a 90-minute Student Session for $300 and Get Started Today – Contact Us


Each Student Works Differently – Time together, makes it possible to get to know your child and create systems that allow them to excel. We start with the ways in which your child works naturally; then leverage those tendencies to their distinct advantage.  In working this way, we excavate a student’s interests, unearth their unique talents and abilities, and pinpoint the academic environment and course of study in which they are most likely to thrive. This time, when used wisely in high school, reduces stress and provides a profound advantage in the college application process.  Students with a specific direction can choose colleges with strong programs and target their approach to their top-pick schools.


The Big Picture Matters – Depending on what you want to study in college, there are precise classes you must take in high school. With every semester that passes, students lose the advantage that comes with strategic planning over time!  It is critical that you also know how these required classes are seen by each college. You will want to know which high school classes will make the biggest impact on each application. This varies from college to college and what matters to one college is often viewed very differently by another. For instance, did you know that each college calculates GPA differently? It is our job to know these intricacies for each school, to fully understand what your top-pick schools want to see, and advise you on the best overall plan for acceptance into these schools. Clients work with Knavigators because so many of the large college prep companies fail to effectively consider this holistic, big-picture view. Knavigators shows you how target each choice, each individual ability, each class, grade, and extra-curricular activity so it becomes a weighted asset in your child’s college application.  Learn more about our 90-minute Student Session – Contact Us


Develop an Exceptional Interest Profile – The “interest profile” is a vital part of today’s application. Knavigators works with students to develop, expand, and explore their interests. It is important to get kids out of their bubble and past some of their perceived limitations. In fact, kids may not know that certain professions even exist. We find or suggest classes, actives, internships, and jobs that increase their view of what is possible; and help them consider, research, and evaluate professions that are new to them. By getting to know your child, we discover their hidden drives and talents, and determine a course of study at which they can excel. As we identify areas of significant interest, we work to broaden your child’s transcript, find classes or activities that close any gaps, and ultimately present the most focused and strategic college application possible. While this may seem like an extravagance to some, others understand just how valuable it truly is. Preparation at this level is essential to a lifetime of success.


THE KNAVIGATORS DIFFERENCE – Our Intensive Academic Record Evaluation unlocks more possibility than many imagine. When a student steps outside what they think they know, focuses on an area of interest that really suits them, and implements an informed plan that plays to their strengths, they stand out to their top-pick schools. Time invested early in high school pays great dividends. When opportunity knocks, make certain a prepared student answers the door. Most kids think they know what matters – We CHALLENGE those assumptions and our students reap great rewards!


Sign up for a 90-minute Student Session for $300 and Get Started Today – Contact Us

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If, after this initial session you or your child thinks you would be better served elsewhere, the information that Knavigators provides will prove extremely valuable. This vital Student Session launches you in the right direction and starts the ball rolling! By taking this first step now, you make the best use of time and ensure the best college application outcome for your child.

Experience this 90-minute Student Session you will know immediately if Knavigators is a good fit for your child.  Every passing day erodes the ONE thing money cannot buy – TIME.

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