Everyone knows that taking the right test at the right time is essential. There are plenty of myths about the different tests. When you know what the colleges REALLY consider when it comes to the SAT, ACT, and ACT Subject tests, you save time, money, undue stress, and exhaustion. Knavigators works with students to drill down on the truth and together we plan for college-bound testing that is not too early and not too late – not too much and not too little – but Just Right.

NOTECollege-bound testing still requires considerable focus, however, things have changed since we took our SAT and ACT. What matters these days may seem counter-intuitive to us. At Knavigators, we know the recipe for success in TODAY’S world of college-bound tests. In this 90-minute Student Session we discuss your child’s goals and make initial recommendations so that they are able effectively plan, study, and schedule these tests to their best advantage. 

College-bound Testing: The Big Picture – There is a very specific strategy to testing. When students approach tests with intention and know how to respond to the task at hand rather than be in constant reaction, they test at their best and obtain their highest marks. In a world of mindless test prep, where a high number of study-hours and repeated testing dates are the norm, Knavigators takes a very different approach.

Knavigators values the importance of mindful test prep. There is a balance we achieve with each of our students, because, to us, testing is a matter of timing and QUALITY over quantity. Proper preparation and study-time is essential, however, too much of these is both short-sighted and detrimental to the bigger picture. By over-emphasizing test prep and scheduling multiple test dates, students lose valuable time; time needed to discover and strengthen additional aspects of their student profile. It is these other facets that will provide a student with their distinct and immeasurable advantage on college applications. Everyone will have a test score – that is mandatory. Our job at Knavigators is to make certain that students ALSO have those other, often intangible things, that make the admissions department sit up and take notice.

Effective Planning Makes All the Difference

We help students determine if the SAT or ACT is right for them, which ACT Subject Tests will further their goals, and what test dates work best in their individual big-picture. We design an effective study-plan; one which optimizes prep-time, ensures advantageous test scores, and keeps sight those things that are most likely to see gain them acceptance at their top-pick schools. Students who work regularly with Knavigators receive four free hours of rigorous, one-on-one test prep tutoring. While this is a nice bonus, your student’s biggest advantage is gained though Knavigators’ highly strategic, big-picture approach to testing.


THE KNAVIGATORS DIFFERENCE –  It is important that students plan, study, and schedule their testing within a larger context. Test scores are only one part of the college application. The weight that these scores are given must be balanced in proper proportion against the time needed to cultivate a comprehensive student profile. Together, we determine the most effective and advantageous plan for college-bound testing. Most kids only focus on studying hard and testing often – Our students test well and impress top-pick schools FAR BEYOND TEST SCORES ALONE.


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