August 19, 2016

Once Junior year wrapped up, I thought I could finally sit back and relax and not worry too much about school for the summer, but I was proven wrong. All of my friends were talking about how they were already getting started on college apps and I started to freak out. However, Namita was truly my knight in shining armor. We got started on my apps early on in the summer before the Senior year and looking back now I am very grateful we did. Senior year goes by in a blink of an eye and so does those dreaded college deadlines.

Namita understands how “busy” we teenagers are and yet she managed to keep me on top of everything. In total I applied to 14 colleges, all early admissions and by time “crunch time” came by for the regular applications, all my friends were stressing out and I was already hearing back from some of my schools. As well as making sure I had everything done on time, Namita was very fastidious when it came to my personal statements. I knew every time that I was going to submit a draft to her, there would be an ample amount of room for improvement. I ended up getting accepted into colleges I never thought I could because of her attention to detail and her perfectionism.