January 17, 2018

I am a 2017 high school graduate who is excited to be starting her freshman year at Santa Clara University. My family had hired Ms. Gupta during my senior year as a college application counselor. 

I feel Ms. Gupta did an exemplary job in helping me finalize my college list and helping me apply to colleges. My parents’ main concern at the time was making sure that I apply to colleges that suit me the best. Ms. Gupta helped me out a lot in this aspect by getting to know who I was and giving me advice on what kind of colleges would suit me. 

I believe Ms. Gupta is much better than all other college application counselors because of the effort she makes to bond with the student.  I felt very comfortable with Ms. Gupta. She was much more understanding about my preferences than my own parents. She genuinely cares for our success and is honest in her inputs. If she believes someone is not qualified for a certain university, she does not hesitate to mention it. I admire this quality about her.

Even after the sessions were over, Ms. Gupta repeated contacted me to see how I was doing. She also wanted to know whether I had gotten in where I wanted. This made me feel that she is genuinely concerned about the success of the student and she puts her heart into making sure that we succeed. 

In conclusion, I feel Ms. Gupta is someone who helped me a lot in the college application process.